Firmware for antminer T9+

Characteristics of the firmware antminer T9 +:

  1. Hashrate overclocking. Hashrate is overclocked up to 14 Th/s.
  2. Overclocking profiles. There are profiles for overclocking (depends on power supply capacity).
  3. Ventilator. You may use immersion cooling and turn off the ventilator.
  4. Asic boost. There is a new function: “ASIC BOOST”.
  5. Virus check. There is a function which automatically checks for viruses (especially important if you buy used asics).
  6. Tracking. To keep track of how much electricity is consumed in the antminer, there is a wattmeter.
  7. 1.8% – 2% – devfee.
  8. There is a setting: 1. detect antivirus and its automatic removal; 2. there is an opportunity to change the SSH port; 3. if the api port will be open network, there is a warning function; 4. there is a backup function of the firmware, in case of damage.
  9. Monitoring. There is a function to monitor the firmware antminer T9.
  10. Waiting. In case of internet disconnection, there is a standby mode. With this mode, energy will not be consumed in vain.

How to install

  1. Download the firmware from our website.
  2. Go to the interface, click the “System” tab, go to “upgrade”, go to “flash”. To save the pool worker and password, check the box next to Keep Settings.
  3. Enter the address of your antminer. If the firmware is not visible, refresh the page. Then choose the language you want.
  4. Check all settings: passwords, pools and workers. This is done in: “Miner Configuration, General Settings”.
  5. Choose a suitable overclocking option (Mining Profiles, Preset).
  6. Click on the function: “Hash Rate Control”.
  7. Save all the settings. When you start the program, the antminer may restart. It will take about 30 minutes to fully configure and start.

Unlock SSH is working will all types of the Bitmain firmware except December 2019 If you have Bitmain firmware December 2019 or above you must use SD CARD (you can find it on our web page). After you can flash the asic by MSKminer firmware without unlock.

You can check the firmware version in the System - file system version

Get your firmware

Leave us a request to get a private firmware made to fit your needs.