Firmware for antminer S19, S19J

Firmware characteristics of S19/ S19J:

  • Hashrate overclocking. Hashrate is overclocked from 150 TH/s to 190 TH/s.
  1. 140 TH/s – 150 TH/s – at 4.5-5 kWh power consumption (without power supply upgrade).
  2. 170 TH/s-190 TH/s- at power consumption of 7-8 kWh (with power supply upgrade).
  • Recommended overclocking – 160 TH/s.
  • There are options for overclocking and reducing consumption (ready-made profiles). There is a separate overclocking of boards and chips.
  • thanks to auto tuning you can increase the life of s19 antminer firmware.
  • There is an automatic mechanism to protect against power consumption, when the pool is switched off or there is a problem with the Internet.
  • The asicboost function on the firmware – reduces power consumption by up to 15%; counter; wattmeter.
  • It is possible to change/disable SSH port and change passwords.
  • You can put antminer in sleep mode to save power.
  • Improved fans: fans have temperature support on chips, quiet start and much less noise.

The best firmware is bitmain. Download S19 firmware and see for yourself.


Unlock SSH is working will all types of the Bitmain firmware except December 2019 If you have Bitmain firmware December 2019 or above you must use SD CARD (you can find it on our web page). After you can flash the asic by MSKminer firmware without unlock.

You can check the firmware version in the System - file system version

Get your firmware

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