Firmware for antminer L3, L3+

The Antminer L3 + / L3 ++ firmware was created for the safe overclocking of Asik, and here are some improvements awaiting you in this model:

  • Ability to overclock up to 700 Mh / s and more
  • Visual control of each chip (green, orange, red diodes will show you the type of problem and the degree of elimination)
  • Ready profiles for overclocking (select the overclocking option according to the capacity of your power supply)
  • Ready profiles for downvolt
  • Individual overclocking of each board separately (overclocking and voltage) and of each chip. Such detailing ensures maximum ASIC speed and stable operation of the entire system.
  • automatic frequency selection and monitoring of the chips in automatic mode
  • Ability to turn off fans during immersion cooling (turn off fan polling). This allows you to reduce the level of noise and energy consumption.
  • Ability to install firmware + transfer configuration + create workers for an unlimited number of miners on the same network at the same time, it is very convenient and economical
  • Function of automatic ASIC check for viruses and malware. The program will protect your funds and block the entry of third-party programs into the system.
  • Function for displaying electricity consumption (wattmeter)
  • Search function for ASIC
  • Function for mass password change, SSH port and port disable SSH
  • The “sleep mode” function when it is turned on, the mining stops and the fans go down to minimum speed – again an opportunity to save on electricity and reduce the noise level.
  • DEV FEE – 1.8%

Using Antminer L3 + / L3 ++ firmware helps to increase ASIC performance up to 50%.

The most popular modes for this firmware turned out to be:

  • 505 MH / s – 650 watts
  • 580 MH / s – 850 watts
  • 650 MH / s – 1000 watts
  • 700 MH / s – 1200 watts

Firmware energy efficiency reaches 40% New position for 650 W 520 MH – 1050 W 650 MH. The automatic settings have been improved and can be tailored to the consumption figures or to the performance profile. Also, for greater customization of the system, a choice of voltage and frequency of the payload appeared automatically and manually. Defective boards can be restarted autonomously from the entire system and not disrupt the mining process. The frequency increased to 650 MHz, but above 500 MHz is available only for immersion cooling. Also appeared:

  • Fan control, disabling fan control for immersion immersion cooling – there is no longer a need for a cooler emulator;
  • protective timer for temperature, chip loss, hashrate;

Parallel development of paid mining, without stopping and suspending the main mining;

  • compatibility with all management and control systems, API.


How to flash Antminer in masse:

  1. We fill in the firmware in large quantities through the BTC TOOL, scans the subnet, select ASICs and click upgrade firmware, select the file with the firmware
  2. We go to the ASIC by ip, go to config multiplier -> config, click on all pools “don’t change”, the word skip will appear (so as not to overwrite pools, workers, passwords)
  3. We set triggers (control of board dump and hash drop):

Restart if hashrate lower: 8000

Restart if chain have more xxx: 5

Disable restart: 3 Turn on ASIC boost: on

All chains:

Frequency: 47

Voltage: 8.1

Chip auto tune:

Downscale red, orange stage 2: on

Timer red orange stage 3: 3 hours

Minimal freq: 400

  1. Save (provide name)
  2. Next, go to the upload tab, select the profile you created, enter the current password from the ASICs in the field and click save, the file will be saved on the computer and can be distributed to the already flashed ASICs via the BTC TOOL (upgrade function). Or you can distribute the config via the upload function by selecting the ip range and clicking the apply button below, this will only affect the ASICs that are flashed with our firmware.

Unlock SSH is working will all types of the Bitmain firmware except December 2019 If you have Bitmain firmware December 2019 or above you must use SD CARD (you can find it on our web page). After you can flash the asic by MSKminer firmware without unlock.

You can check the firmware version in the System - file system version

Get your firmware

Leave us a request to get a private firmware made to fit your needs.